ESU course – Ukrainian Urological Association 16 June 2023

12 Травня 20:26

Update on Bladder cancer
Virtual ESU course during the national congress of the Ukrainian Urological Association
16 June 2023
Time zone: East European Summer Time (CEST)
Chair J. Domínguez Escrig, Valencia (ES)
09.00 European School of Urology: A unique possibility for urological education
J. Domínguez Escrig, Valencia (ES)
09.05 Initial treatment steps in non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC)
J. Domínguez Escrig, Valencia (ES)
09.25 Q&A
09.30 Patients stratification and risk group adjusted approach in NMIBC after TURB
M. Moschini, Milan (IT)
09.45 Q&A
09.50 Emerging therapies in NMIBC
M. Moschini, Milan (IT)
10.05 Q&A
10.10 Treatment of bladder cancer with extravesical extension (upper tract,
prostatic urethra)
L. Mertens, Amsterdam (NL)
10.25 Q&A
10.30 Treatment of BCG failures (incl local chemotherapy failures)
J. Domínguez Escrig, Valencia (ES)
10.45 Q&A
10.50 Radical cystectomy for bladder cancer how to achieve optimal results?
M. Moschini, Milan (IT)
11.05 Q&A
11.10 Systemic treatment of muscle invasive bladder cancer (MIBC) – is there a new
L. Mertens, Amsterdam (NL)
11.25 Q&A
11.30 Interactive case discussion
ESU and local faculty
12.30 Close