Countdown has started! A little over a month is left before we gather for the 32nd Annual EAU Congress in London. Our scientific programme is ready and we have some sessions that we wish to highlight in this newsletter. Register online before 6 March and avoid waiting at the Registration Desk on site.

In addition read all about the White Paper on Prostate Cancer and find out how the EAU History Office is looking to strengthen its ties; so if you are a historian in urology we would love to hear from you! EU White Paper on Prostate Cancer One of the EAU priorities is to keep urology on the political agenda. That is why we put quite some effort in engaging with the EU and regulatory bodies by attending and organising meetings, lobbying and developing scientifically-based content to convince political influencers of the importance of improving urological care throughout Europe. One of the activities that we have recently conducted is the development of a White Paper on Prostate Cancer.

This White Paper, which was developed with the help of medical experts, researchers, patient group representatives and politicians, describes the current situation of Prostate Cancer in the EU, risks and diagnosis of the disease, different developments in treatment, the role of the EAU and concludes with some recommendation for the EU to take action. The full white paper can be reviewed at In the coming months, EU policymakers will be contacted to see what next steps are to be taken. During the next European Day of Prostate Cancer Awareness (EPAD) on 27 September we hope to present a plan of action with EU-wide programmes to raise awareness and to decrease the risks and mortality rate of PCa.